• Solutions supports GT06, GT06N, GT07 and GT02 GPS protocols.
  • GPS Tracker team developed own component for supported GPS protocols. No third party dependency.
  • Simple and easy installation of app on manager/fleet owner device.
  • Easy to configure GPS device in vehicle and it is one time.
  • One time registration is required to activate the account.
  • Apart from mobile app, fleet owner/manager will have rich web solutions.
  • Application tracks route of each vehicle and showing real time tracking on manager/owner mobile device.
  • Detailed report for each selected vehicle.
  • Fleet owner/manager can monitor current location of each vehicle on single screen at any time.
  • No integration of any third party components.
  • About

    The goal of GPS Tracker team is to overcome the challenges facing by organization for managing their vehicles in local and remote areas. The application can be used by small scale to large scale organization to manage their fleet and giving real time tracking of all vehicles.

    GPS Tracker team spent months to develop the application and put efforts to deliver the best to its customers to earn productive work.

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